Jared Cahill

Designer & Developer

I'm a freelance designer and web developer from the great state of Massachusetts. I have worked with numerous small businesses over the years and am currently available for hire. Some examples of my work can be found below.

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Web Development

I have been designing and developing webpages since I was a kid. I'm fluent with JavaScript, CSS, and HTML as well as PHP, jQuery, & Java. Over the years I have helped several businesses find their footing online utilizing modern design standards and practices. I will work with you to set up and create the appropriate online identity for your business. I have been designing the majority of my recent work using Google's Material Design, which creates a unified experience across platforms and device sizes.

Print Design

Proficient in Photoshop, Illustrator, and Indesign; ‬I can help create visual concepts, or ideas for print or online purposes. Ranging from posters & shirts to marketing merchandise I have designed for virtually every medium. Whether you want a simple designs or more complex artwork, I will design something that will serve its purpose in a stylish and contemporary manner.

Recent Projects


The Causeway is a small seafood restaurant with a large following. I established their online presence by creating a website that follows the same principles of their business, function over flash. The site has been a catalyst for their catering business, and is visited by thousands of people per month.


The Cupboard is a staple for anyone visiting the Northshore of Boston. Their iconic red building is located within Stage Fort Park in Gloucester, MA which is home to public beaches, parks, and other amenities. I was hired to create a responsive website that had editable elements on the front page.

Jacobs Corner
Jacob's Pub

I worked closely with the Pub and helped them establish their brand and online identity. I designed their logo and promoted several local events via online and print advertisements


VHSzone.com was a short-lived online shop designed under the guise of a ficitional Video Store. The website directed visitors to sign up for a membership but instead would bring them to a online store. The website dissolved after all of the inventory was sold out.


I designed an emblem used for merchandise and promotion for the band Thrift House out of Florida..